SEAVIEW Seascreen Integrated

Integrated roller blind and flyscreen to fit any size marine hatch. Engineering Elegance.

  • Concealed roller blind and flyscreen combined
  • Blackout and flyscreen, or blackout or flyscreen only
  • Frame is recessed into the ceiling for a clean and seamless finish
  • Onboard privacy and comfort
  • Cabin light and temperature control
  • Reduce UV damage
  • Reduce glare
  • Insect control
  • 0% light transmission fabric for improved blackout and temperature control
  • Painted crossbar and hidden magnet to provide a completely colour matched product
  • Fully marinised aluminium system


The PVC coated glass fibre weave of the Seaview flyscreen fabric allows air to flow around the cabin, while preventing minute insects access, as well as offering a long-lasting UV stable solution.

Seascreen flyscreen

Cabin temperature

By controlling light transmission and reflecting heat, hatch screens help control cabin temperature.

Seascreen temperature control

Integrated design for flush fitting blackout and flyscreen combined, or blackout only or flyscreen only

Seascreen Integrated
  • a. Frame depth outside: 30mm
  • b. Frame depth inside: 24mm
  • Flange depth: 6mm
  • c. Stowed handle to frame outer: 64mm
  • d. Frame width: 41mm
SEASCREEN Integrated
Available in the following standard sizes
Part No.To fit hatchWidth (W)Drop (H)
10Lewmar 10257mm(10 1/8")257mm(10 1/8")
20Lewmar 20344mm(13 9/16")199mm(7 13/16")
30Lewmar 30454mm(17 7/8")324mm(12 3/4")
40Lewmar 40418mm(16 7/16")418mm(16 7/16")
44Lewmar 44439mm(17 5/16")439mm(17 5/16")
50Lewmar 50504mm(19 13/16")375mm(14 3/4")
54Lewmar 54504mm(19 13/16")389mm(15 5/16")
60Lewmar 60504mm(19 13/16")504mm(19 13/16")
70Lewmar 70624mm(24 9/16")624mm(24 9/16")
SEASCREEN Dimensions
Minimum and maximum dimensions
Width (W)Drop (H)
RadiusR42mm only
Hardware colour options
Seaview Blinds WhiteSeaview Blinds IvorySeaview Blinds Ivory
Fabric colour options

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